Flooring Installation Services
For Richmond, Fulshear & Katy, TX

Create an instant feeling of flow and style with flooring that compliments your home and lifestyle. At HME we offer individual flooring design and selection assistance from dozens of trusted brands. We provide and install tile, laminate, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and carpet.

How to Choose the Right Flooring

When choosing new flooring, it’s important to consider every factor that will go into your decision, from the level of foot traffic the area will see to your budget.

  • Location: Consider which room(s) in your home need new flooring. Do these areas see a lot of foot traffic? If so, consider a stronger flooring that is less likely to show scratches.
  • Durability: Not all types of flooring are created equal; if you’re considering a flooring installation project, it is vital to choose a material that can withstand your lifestyle. A harder flooring is more likely to hold up against children and pets, for example, than a softer material. 
  • Appearance: If you are investing time and money in a flooring installation project, make sure it looks nice; attractive, long-lasting flooring will add value to your home. 
  • Surface Area: The size of the space you’re covering will have a huge impact on the style and color of flooring you choose, as well as the material. Larger spaces cost more to cover, so if you have a lot of surface area to cover, you’ll want to be careful that you are working within your budget.

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