Bathroom Design

Bathroom Remodeling
For Richmond, Fulshear & Katy, TX

Whether your bathroom style is peaceful and serene, vibrant and stylish, or just fresh and functional, HME is here to assist from start to finish. You can select from one of our pre-packaged design plans or choose to create the custom bathroom of your dreams. HME will guide you through the entire process from initial design planning to the finishing touches.

What to Consider When Bathroom Remodeling:

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and don’t know where to begin, keep the following points in mind:

  • Efficiency: Kitchen and bathroom use account for some of the highest energy bills in your home. Use your remodeling project as an opportunity to replace your fixtures with more efficient pieces that will save you money. 
  • Flow: How is your bathroom laid out? Are there any cramped or inconvenient spaces? Here is your chance to change it! We’ll help you change your bathroom’s layout to make it easier to maneuver
  • Storage: If there is one thing every homeowner says about their house, it’s that they wish they had more space for storage. We will help you find space in your bathroom to keep all your necessary products out of sight but still at your fingertips.
  • Durability: During your remodel, make sure you are taking the materials you use into account. The counters, flooring, and fixtures you use should be resistant to water damage and built to last the test of time. 

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